Best Gifts for 1 Year Olds - 2023 - Favorite Presents for One-Year-Old Kids

Jun 04, 2023

I polled our instagram audience to come up with our current list of best gifts for one year olds in 2023! Here are some of our favorites!

Outdoor water table. This is perfect on the patio or in the grass! It's the perfect height for little toddlers but fun for kids up to ages 5+. We have this exact one and it has gotten SO.MUCH.USE. over the years!

Bubble machines. Any bubble machine will be a hit with one year olds! Don't forget to buy extra bubbles so the fun doesn't stop! 

Notice a theme with outside and water? One year olds love being outside and any toy that involves water! These little sprinklers are sure to provide tons of fun. 


 Learning tower. So many moms said this as a top gift! This is something you will be so glad you have! Kids love to be involved wherever their caregivers are. This is the perfect way to let them "help" you in the kitchen or anywhere else. It is easy to climb up but also not super easy to fall out of. That's why it's the perfect gift! 



Nugget Play Couch. This can be for lounging, building, crashing-in-to. It's sure to provide endless fun. Some families have 2 nugget couches and use all the pieces at the same time! 


Radio Flyer Ride-On Toy. Both of my kids loved this for years! It's sturdy enough for a one year old but guaranteed to last longer than that! The seat lifts up to put things in, also. Kids love it!


Fisher Price Little People Musical School Bus. There are quite a few "Little People" toys that can be used with the different people. So cute and eays fun for little hands! 

Poke-A-Dot books are a HIT with 1 year olds! They have little popper dots they can poke as they read each page. It's so fun!

This ball pit has soft foam edges- perfect for crashing into! It's a perfect size for one year olds! They will LOVE IT. But, consider this your warning that 200 balls take a while to clean up if (*when*) they get dumped out :) 

This tiny little trampoline is perfect for tiny jumpers! 


This 4-in-1 bicycle can be pushed for young toddlers and can convert to a tricycle for older toddlers! You'll get tons of use out of it! Many moms also listed different versions of this same thing! Doona Liki Trike, Joovy, etc. All are good I'm sure!


Smartmax Magnets are a fun magnet toy for little hands! They will love making these little animals!


So many little boys I know were ball-lovers from age 1+! This is a good first ball set for toddlers! 


So many other little boys I know were car-lovers from age 1+! My son included! Here's avehicle set that is sure to be a hit! 


This is my daughter's first favorite baby doll! It is so soft and sweet for young toddlers! 


What else are we missing? Send me an email - [email protected] I'd love to hear from you!


*This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting this blog by using the links at no extra cost to you! It means a lot to me and my family!  




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