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Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys & Girls - 2023 Favorite Toys & Presents for Kids

Jul 17, 2023

Age 3 is such a magical age! Most 3 year olds will like literally ANY gift you get them. They are so fun! I polled a bunch of moms about their kids' favorite toys at age 3 and here are the results! A lot of these are items my kids actually own so I can attest to how fun they are! 

Happy birthday to your special kid! Hope this helps!

This tiny T ball set is fun for 3 year olds!


I think this ride-on excavator is worth way more than the price tag! Such a hit with my little guy and his friends! 

*Costumes* for 3 year olds!!!

Hulk cape, mask, and hands! So fun! 



This tutu set is super fun for dressing up! 

Magnet tiles are so fun!! In my opinion this off-brand Picasso tiles are just as great as the brand name Magnatiles (but not all of the off-brands are! some are very weak magnets). 

I am pretty positive every 3 year old thinks this ice cream set is so fun! 

We first played with this grocery store at a friends house and I knew we needed one! It is so fun! It should come with this accompanying kit, but you have to buy it separately. Click here. 

This balance bike is probably what my son played with the most at age 3! It is so easy to use, kids just push off with their feet. My son got pretty good at this and then transitioned to a real bike pretty easily!  


This train set is another gift my son has spent SO much time playing with. He got it around age 3 and still plays with it at age 5. My daughter is 2 and she loves it too. 

My daughter is about to turn 3 and this Gabby's Dollhouse is the one thing she wants the most! 

This domino train is so fun. Both of my kids (2&5) love playing with it. 


Lego Duplos are fun for age 3. Any Lego Duplo sets are sure to be a hit! 

Easels are a great gift for 3 year olds. My kids play with ours all the time!

Any flashlight will be a hit! We have this exact one and my kids love it. 

My son got this tractor when he was 3 and he still plays with it at age 5! It is a guaranteed hit!


This bounce house is another guaranteed hit. We have this exact same one. I set it up inside on cold winter days, and we take it outside for parties in the summer. It's so fun! 


Play-Doh tools like this set are a hit! Don't forget to get this giant set of mini play-doh packs too, click here!


I deemed this paw patrol backpack - "the toy of the summer" recently, my kids both LOVED this starting when they were 2 & 4! It's easy enough for little ones to use and it holds a lot of water so you don't have to refill it very often. Pick up one for a sibling, too, if that applies! :) 


This color-your-own ice cream truck is HUGE and so fun!


What am I forgetting? I'd love to hear your ideas! 

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