Best Gifts for 2 Year Olds - 2023 - Favorite Presents for Two-Year-Old Kids

Jun 04, 2023

I polled our instagram audience to come up with our current list of best gifts for two year olds in 2023! Here are some of our favorites!



This play sink will guarantee you hours of fun! Have a beach towel handy though because splashes are likely :) 

If your 2 year old likes Paw Patrol, this lookout tower will be a hit! Check your local Facebook marketplace or neighborhood garage sales because you can usually find this type of toy majorly discounted and gently used! 

This racetrack is fun for little hands!


My kids love puffy stickers from ages 2-5+. The puffy stickers are much easier for little hands to manipulate! I like this one because it comes with something for the kids to put the stickers ON also. 


There are lots of interchangeable "magic tracks" and battery-operated cars that fly through the tracks. These are a hit! 

This is the ultimate wooden block set. We have this exact set and we have created many towers and bridges with it!

Melissa & Doug dolls are just perfect for little toddlers! I love that this one just comes with a simple pacifier! 

This little wooden doll stroller is perfect for little toddlers! 

We have this exact high chair for my daughter's baby dolls and she loves it! It's great. 

Noticing a trend? We love this cradle, too! Melissa & Doug baby furniture is affordable, durable, and cute. It's a win for us! 

We have the white version of this table & chairs set and we have used it an unbelievable amount of times. I sometimes want to buy another one to keep in a separate room because we use it so much- for eating, playing, crafts, anything! Perfect for toddlers 18 months - 5ish. I do think it would be small for older kids! 

This little scooter is perfect for young toddlers! I have seen a few friends' children who could even ride it at 18 months! 


Any "Water Wow" or "Invisible Ink" coloring books! Perfect for age 2-5!

This is a funny little rhyming book about Noah's Ark! It'll become a favorite! 

One of my son's friends had this foldable Hot Wheels racetrack and he LOVED playing with it! 

Magnetic tiles are so fun for kids! We have this exact kind. My kids are 2 and 5 and LOVE playing with these! 



We have this exact play kitchen and we love it! It's cute, functional, durable. I love that it's kind of minimal but also comes with plenty of storage for other toy kitchen items you may have. 


What have I missed? Send me your ideas! I'd love to hear from you! [email protected]


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