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Treasure Boxes for Kids

Jul 05, 2023

Every kid loves a treasure box! This would be such a fun gift for any age child, and a fun thing to make their room feel even more special. 

I have mentioned treasure boxes in a couple of podcast episodes and on instagram a few times. Since then, several of you have reached out and told me you got treasure boxes for your kids and how much they LOVE them. That makes me so happy! Remember I'm a real person on the other side of these podcasts and blog posts and I LOVE hearing how Elevate Motherhood impacts your life positively! So thanks for reaching out!

If you are interested in a treasure box for your child, here are some ideas! I have also seen great treasure box options at HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby. 







What goes in a treasure box? 

Things that are special to the child. 

  • Rocks from a walk
  • A picture their friend drew for them
  • A bracelet they got from a birthday party
  • Anything THEY think is special but doesn't quite meet the criteria for what YOU want to save in the savings box you have for your child. 

You will probably be surprised what they will consider treasure. 


Benefits of a treasure box: 

The child's room feels more special to them

They have a sense of ownership of things that are special to them 


Does your child have a treasure box? I'd love to hear about it! 

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Thanks for being here, friends! Until next time, let's Elevate Motherhood!


-- Courtney 

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