Snow Ice Cream Recipe

recipe snow day snow ice cream sprinkles tradition Dec 23, 2022

Snow ice cream is one of my kids' favorite traditions! We make it every time it snows. Or every time there is a dusting of snow that creates a snow drift by our back door with *just enough* snow to fill a bowl. 

It feels silly even calling this a recipe because there are literally 2 ingredients! The easiest recipe, which is definitely my kind of recipe. 

The only ingredients you need:

1. Snow

2. Sweetened Condensed Milk

That's it! Sweetened condensed milk has a pretty long shelf life so that's something I try to just keep in my pantry during all cold months in case of snow! 


The recipe: 

1. Mix snow and condensed milk together. 

2. Stir.

3. Enjoy!


I don't even measure the sweetened condensed milk, I just use a couple of spoonfuls and mix it together! You can add more to taste, but you can't add less ;) So just try a couple spoonfuls and add more if needed!

If you want mom bonus points, you could let them add sprinkles and/or chocolate chips! We are ingredient-readers when shopping for groceries and I found these sprinkles that my kids love that don't use artificial dyes. Check these out if you haven't already!

It can be this easy to create family traditions that your kids will remember! Hope this is a fun and easy one for you to share with your family! If you want lots of other fun ideas to do with your kiddos, and make the regular days more magical, check out Elevate Motherhood Podcast - Episode #1 Making Things Magical for Kids. 

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