Outgoing Station Organization Tips for Returns, Donations, Etc.

Jan 01, 2024

Today, we are creating/organizing an outgoing station. 

What's an outgoing station? Well, I'm glad you asked! It's a place for things to belong temporarily once you have decided they need to leave your house. 

Things that belong in your outgoing station: 

-Returns (to a store, UPS, Amazon)
-Returns (give back to a friend)
-Outgrown kids' clothes to give to your hand-me-down friend
-Gifts for upcoming parties that are already in a party bag with a card (you can be this organized now!) 


Where should you put your outgoing station? 

I recommend something near the door you take to leave your house so you see it somewhat regularly as you're leaving. 

My outgoing station is a bar cart in my garage, right between my car and the door to my home. I love this because I see it every time I'm leaving my house! This makes it so easy to remember to grab things as I'm leaving. 

Ideally, we empty out this outgoing station every few days. Things shouldn't live here for long. Next time you're running errands, grab the bag to donate and put it in your car. Next time you're on your way to see your friend, grab the plate you need to return. It's easy now! 


So here's your challenge: 

Designate a spot for your outgoing station. It could be a shelf in your laundry room, a spot in your mudroom, a small table in your garage, a bookshelf in your garage, anything really! 

Then, think through things you know need to leave your home and relocate them to your outgoing station (hello, Christmas present returns). Refer to the first list in this email.

No more shoving outgrown kids clothes to the back of their closet. No more losing purchased birthday gifts before it's time for the party. No more wasting money on things you were going to return but forgot about. 

You are going to feel so much more prepared from this point forward. AND your home is instantly going to be more clutter-free. The things you know are ready to leave your home will be on their way out and not taking up precious space or getting lost in the home.


You've got this! Ready. Set. Go!


I’m cheering you on and praying this is a blessing to you and your family! If you need anything or have questions, I'd love to hear from you! Send me your before and after pictures or tag @elevatemotherhood on instagram for a chance to win prizes!


Until next time, let's Elevate Motherhood!


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