Best Smoothie for My Kids

Feb 10, 2023
Kids favorite smoothie

If you're anything like me, you've tried a million ways to get your kids to eat more vegetables and nutrients! This smoothie recipe is *almost* always a guaranteed hit at my house. My kids love it! And they love making it with me! 


When I make it, I do not use a recipe or any measuring cups. I think smoothies are very forgiving and if you get too much of something or not enough of another, it's okay! 


Here is our approximate recipe. 



2 cups apple juice (check that the ingredient list just says *apples*!)

1.5 cups frozen mixed greens- spinach/kale/etc. (I buy a fresh bag of power greens and keep it in the freezer for smoothies. It lasts much longer in the freezer!)

1.5 cups frozen berries (we LOVE the  frozen berries and cherries blend from Target)

1/2 cup frozen fruit (we get diced avocado in the frozen section)

1/4 cup frozen dragon fruit (it's delish!)

1 scoop protein powder (we love vanilla bean or snickerdoodle by Just Ingredients and vanilla by FlavCity)

2 teaspoons flaxseeds (buy ground flaxseeds and be sure to store in the fridge)

2 teaspoons hemp seeds

2 teaspoons chia seeds


Mix together in a blender until smooth. We use a Vitamix blender which basically turns it to juice and I do think the super smooth juice texture helps my kids like it!


If it's too thick, add some water and blend again.


Feel free to add anything else! Sometimes we add mango, pineapple, banana, etc.


(I know apple juice has a lot of sugar. I'm packing the smoothie with nutrients, protein, and healthy fats, so I personally don't worry about the sugar from the apple juice.)

I do try to buy organic ingredients where possible. It's important to me but do your own research!


I hope you and your family love this smoothie! Tag me if you do! 


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