Home Organization Tips for Moms

May 20, 2023
home organization tips for moms

Ready to live an (organized) life you love?

Let's get our house in order so we can spend our free time playing with our kids instead of cleaning up our house!

When everything has a place, your family knows where to find things and where to put things back when they are finished. 

Then, you can relax. You can feel "done." You can feel light. 


I'm passionate about helping moms get to this point! 


Here are some of my best tips!


Give the best real estate in the space to the things you use the most. After you have pulled everything out of a space, clean it with a vacuum. Then, put things back in order of what you use the most. Put the things you reach for the most in the most-convenient place. Then put the things you use next-most in the next-most-convenient place. Keep working out from there! 

For things to flow smoothly, you need to know where everything is and be able to access it quickly. Yes, this means every item in your home needs to have its own "home" where it belongs. This will reduce your family asking, "Mooooom, where is the tape?" They'll know because the tape is always where the tape belongs. Set systems up for yourself once and watch them serve you for years to come!

Another organizational tip- store things near where they are used. If this means you store scissors in 2 separate places of your house, that's okay! If you need scissors in the kitchen frequently, keep one pair in the kitchen. If you need scissors in the office frequently, keep a separate pair in the kitchen. Your life will flow more smoothly when you store things near where they are used. 



Want more? 

I created an online, digital, self-paced course PACKED with specific tips to help YOU get your entire house in order. I know moms don't have hours on end to get things done. I know some of your free time is right after your kids go to bed and you may be unable to have a professional come to your house at that time. I know you may not have hundreds of dollars available to spend on organizing your house. I know, because I'm a mom too!

That's why I created the Elevate Motherhood Home Organization Master Class. It was made for MOMS. I'll take you room-by-room throughout your house, whenever YOU have the time. I'll give you all my best tips and tricks to not only declutter your house, but to set up some systems that keep your house functioning best for YOUR family. 

I'm so confident it will work for you, I offer a money-back guarantee! What do you have to lose? 

Invest your time for YOU! I'm here to help! 


-- Courtney


CLICK HERE for more information about the Elevate Motherhood Home Organization Master Class



Elevate Motherhood Home Organization Master Class


Our online course takes you step-by-step and room-by-room to declutter and organize your house, once and for all! It's for regular moms, just like you. As we declutter and organize, we're making more space for what (and who) really matters. Stop wasting your time and invest it! Let's get your house working for YOU! 

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