Buy Back Your Time With Grocery Delivery

May 19, 2023

Have you considered getting your groceries delivered? Does it seem out-of-reach? Only for people who aren't like you? 

Let me try to convince you how valuable your time is and see if that changes how you view the luxury of grocery delivery!

Okay so I want to convince you for a second that your time is valuable. If you work, or if someone in your family works, if you earn money with your time, your time is valuable. And even if not, your time with your family IS valuable, every second of it. Time is the resource which is always just flying by.

Saving time is a convenience, a luxury. If you can do anything to save yourself time, that is amazing, you are lucky, you are blessed. And you probably already DO pay to save yourself time:

If you drive yourself instead of walking, you are paying for the convenience of getting there faster. If you go to a restaurant and pay someone else to make your food, you are paying for that convenience of not having to make that food yourself.

SO before you write off grocery delivery as a convenience for only super fancy people, consider this:

Divide the price of the service by how many times per year you go to the grocery store. It will probably be a couple of dollars. Would you want to save that amount of dollars each time for someone else to bring you your groceries? Yes, you do tip, yes there are sometimes service fees, and yes SOME but not all grocery stores have different prices online than in stores. But I would encourage you to just do the math and decide for yourself if it’s worth it before you write it off.

Grocery delivery for me also saves me the money spent on impulse buys when I’m at the stores. If you’re not there and you don’t see that cute throw pillow at Target, you don’t buy it. You don’t see those snacks when you’re hungry and walking through the isles, you don’t buy it. I also can look at my pantry AS I’m making my list so I don’t get to the store and buy another package of almond flour because I can’t remember if we had any or not, I know yes or no whether I need to buy each ingredient on my list. I also don't have to keep repeating "no" when my kids want every grocery item with a picture of the Paw Patrol on the front. 

Some stores like Target offer free drive-up online ordering even if you don’t have Instacart or Shipt you can buy groceries online and then drive up and they will bring them to your car for FREE. Also on Instacart I get random discounts pretty regularly. Sometimes it’ll be $20 off your next Costco order. Or something huge like that. I obviously can’t guarantee that will happen for you but I do want to say grocery delivery has been a huge blessing! And totally worth the price. Also, you could ask for the yearly membership for your birthday or Christmas or something like that too if you just can’t justify the price. Instacart was a Christmas present to me last year and now I’m so sold that even if it wasn’t a gift I would still pay for the yearly membership.

You can also think of it as paying for a personal assistant, but you’re only paying them one time a week or however often you get groceries, and you’re only paying them to get your groceries. But what a blessing! If you can afford to swing it, consider yourself so blessed and just really be thankful for the convenience of it.

If you are really considering it because of this episode, I’d love for you to use my referral code, you get $30 off and I get $10 off once when you make your first order! So that would just be kind if you used my code I’d be so thankful! Code for $30 off Instacart: CLUNDEEN1F21EC 


Until next time, let's Elevate Motherhood. Thanks for being here, friends!



***This is an excerpt from the Elevate Motherhood Podcast, Episode 21 "10 Things I'm Loving Right Now." If you want to hear the rest of the conversation, click here!

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