Purse & Diaper Bag Organization Tips

Jan 01, 2024
purse and diaper bag organization tips for moms elevate motherhood
Let's talk about organizing... your purse and/or diaper bag!
This isn’t an area of your “home,” but this is a small and important area of your life that can have a big impact! This shouldn't take more than a few minutes. An easy win!

So, go ahead and dump everything out, shake out the crumbs, throw out the trash! Don’t forget all the little zipper pockets!


Looking at everything else, decide what needs to stay and what can be left out.


**Special note about this particular space- this is the only area of our challenge that you are literally, physically carrying the items! So every item needs to be worthy of being carried by you!**


The goal is to have what you need, and not more than that!


Do you really need 4 pens? 5 pacifiers? 

Look at your keychain, do you have keys that you don’t even know what they unlock?

Are you carrying around an extra 2 pounds of coins? Can you put those in a child’s piggy bank? 

We do not need to carry as many “cards” as we did several years ago. If you use your phone or ID and never even show your membership card at the zoo, library, or grocery store, you don’t need to carry these! Expired coupons and insurance cards, out! 


Organization tips/systems:

Consider finding a small pouch (or a few) for some contents of your purse or diaper bag. Having chapstick, bandaids, hair ties, hand sanitizer, etc. floating around in your purse makes it feel more cluttered and harder to find. Same for baby things. Maybe have one pouch for diaper changing items and one for feeding items. When similar things are contained in one pouch, it makes it easier to find and keeps things more tidy. This is also helpful if/when you need to switch from purse to purse or purse to diaper bag and back!


Relocate: If you save receipts, can you create a spot in your home where they belong so you can regularly take them out of your bag? If you have multiple store coupons/cards, can you store those in your car instead? 

Add: Now that you are thinking 'efficiency,' is there anything you need to add to your bag to make your life easier? Are there any things you regularly need and don't have? Chapstick, tissues, bandaids? Need to restock your baby wipes? Go ahead and add the things you need!

Diaper bag selection tips: If you are still in the market for a diaper bag, or unhappy with the one you have, here are some of my favorites! I started out with a black diaper bag that I specifically chose, but I ended up not loving it. It felt more like a school backpack than a purse and it felt out of place when I'd go to dinner, etc. I ended up switching to a leather backpack diaper bag from Fawn Design and I 100% am so glad I did! 

If you're able- choose one diaper bag that you think is cute and practical for almost ALL situations. That is just so much easier than switching around different bags/purses/diaper bags all the time. I used the same Fawn backpack for both of my babies and still loved it even when I stopped carrying a diaper bag! 

Organizer Pouches: I think these are so cute! You may have some extra pouches at home but these coordinating sets really help keep things simplified and neat-looking!

1. click here!
2. click here!
3. click here!
4. click here!
5. click here!
6. click here!


Ready. Set. Go! 


Elevate Motherhood is a new business for me and I’m always trying to learn and grow! Take before and after pictures so I can celebrate your wins with you! Tagging me on social media helps spread the word and positive encouragement. Tags will be entered to win prizes! If you have any questions or feedback, I'd love to hear from you!


Thanks for being here, friends!

-- Courtney 

[email protected]

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