Chatbooks Review for Moms in 2024

Jan 15, 2024
chatbooks review for moms - monthly mini subscription

Considering subscribing to Chatbooks? Wondering if it's worth it? 

I'm a mom of 2 and debated trying Chatbooks for several months before I gave it a shot. I'll save you that time and spell it all out for you!


(plus I have a link for $10 off - that's one free monthly mini and almost half off your second month! click here!) 


Here's my review - all you need to know about Chatbooks! 


The #1 thing that made me subscribe to Chatbooks: 

"My kids can't see the pictures on my phone." 


If my kids' childhood is documented in photos on my phone, that's great for ME when I want to see some pictures and reflect on memories. What if my kids want to look at pictures of their memories and their family and friends? They can't just easily access my phone. 

They can, however, go open the Chatbooks we keep in our living room. 

The first time we had friends come over after subscribing to Chatbooks, my kids greeted their friends and instantly ran to grab the Chatbooks with the picture of those friends in it. 

How sweet is that? 

Mission accomplished. My kids can access photos of their memories, family, and friends, whenever they want! 


(Click here to get $10 off! That's one free monthly mini book and half off your second month! It sounds too good to be true but it's true!)


Things I love about Chatbooks: 

  • They are durable. They are thick pages, water-resistant. At the time of this post, Chatbooks has a policy to replace your monthly mini book for FREE if a child destroys the book. 
  • They are easily accessible by kids. 
  • They look great as "decor." You can choose to have your books printed all in a certain color, or you can choose one of their two "multicolor" options. 
  • The cover photos help kids (and adults) remember which months contain which photos. I try to pick a photo of our entire family for the cover photo, and I try to choose a photo from a "main" event from that month. For example, if my daughter's birthday is in August, I try to pick the cover photo as a family photo that shows we are at her birthday party. 
  • They are made in the USA! 
  • FREE shipping! 
  • It's user-friendly. I don't have a ton of time as a busy mom. Choosing the photos and ordering my Chatbook each month takes me less than 5 minutes once a month. 
  • You can turn your Chatbooks into a family yearbook. Chatbooks stores your monthly mini photos and can easily use those photos to create a larger family yearbook. Saving you time and preserving memories once again! 


Potential "cons" of Chatbooks:

  • Minimum of 30 photos required per month. That's around one photo per day. Most moms can easily reach this number! 
  • If you want to include more than 30 photos, it's an additional 10 cents per page/photo! Honestly, I think that is reasonable! 
  • You must create the monthly minis using the Chatbooks app. Honestly, I prefer to do things through my phone and through apps, so this is no problem! 

Which subscription did I choose? 

I chose the monthly minis. They are $7 per month and 5x5 inches. These are somewhat small, but that's good for my family! One per month will turn into many books over time and I like the small size for this reason! They have a larger option if that's what you prefer! 


Ready to get started? 

Click here to use my link for $10 off - YES, that is one month free and almost half off your second month! 

I had to confirm with Chatbooks because that seemed too good to be true! It's true! 

Click this link, then click subscription books from the menu across the top of the page, then click "monthly minis." 


*This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

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