Car Organization Tips for Moms

Sep 18, 2023

When organizing in general, I love to think of "prime real estate." To me, that means the easiest to reach spots should be filled with the things you reach for the most. Ideally, things that we need are easy to reach and easy to find, and right where you need them. 

In the car, prime real estate would be things I can reach from the driver's seat at a stoplight. So that leaves my center console and passenger seat glovebox. 

One day I was thinking this way and realized I was wasting that entire passenger seat glovebox on the owners manual for my car. I relocated that (to my garage, but maybe put it in the trunk if you need to keep it with the car) and freed up so much space! 

Since I keep things pretty clutter-free in general, if I was out and about and needed a clip for my daughter's hair, there was pretty much no chance I'd just "find" a clip in my car. So I set up a system to hopefully be prepared for random things I may need while we aren't home! 


This is the set of photo boxes I used- click here!

This is the label maker I have had and loved for years! 

The 3 boxes I used: 


  • bandaids
  • alcohol wipes
  • tampons
  • tweezers
  • nail clippers
  • contacts (IYKYK)




Other things you may consider: medicine (can reduce effectiveness if it gets super hot in your car though FYI), lint roller, stain removers, what else am I missing here? Send me your ideas!


I also LOVE these Kleenex Perfect Fit Cylindrical Boxes. They fit great in my car or in cupholders. 

Stay tuned for car organization part 2 - coming soon!


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Remember, you're blessed to be driving these kids around! You're blessed to have tiny humans that need you. You're blessed to be the one that can take time to be prepared to make life easier and more smooth. 


You're blessed! You're blessed! You're blessed! I'll tell you as often as you need me to! 


Until next time, let's Elevate Motherhood!


-- Courtney 

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