Mom Hack : Battery Storage

Apr 21, 2023
Do you know this mom hack?

Hey everyone! I have a mom-hack to share with you guys today! If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen this, but here it is!

You know how any children’s toy that requires batteries also requires that little battery chamber to be opened and closed with a tiny screwdriver?

Well, let’s store those tiny screwdrivers WITH our batteries, instead of with our tools.

Home Organization General Tip:

We are storing things near where they are used, like we have talked about in some of our home organization episodes.

I didn’t even realize this was something different or cool to share until someone was at my house and my kids needed to put batteries in a toy and they were like where do you keep the screwdrivers, and I said, "right there with the batteries!" And they thought that was such a good idea!

So I thought I should share it with you guys!

I have learned that for safety purposes, no metal should be stored touching batteries, so I do keep my screwdrivers in a little coin pouch in that bin with the batteries so they won’t actually be touching the batteries.

That’s it for today! Hope that helps!

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