Valentine’s Day Themed Family Breakfast

Feb 04, 2023

Valentine’s Day is the perfect “small holiday” to celebrate with a themed family breakfast! We’ll take any reason to make magical moments with our kids, right? 

You can make this as easy or as elaborate as you want to. Some themed paper plates and some red food and some cheerful parents would be enough to thrill any kid! 

For simplicity’s sake- you probably don't need to purchase a heart shaped waffle maker unless you really can easily store another small kitchen appliance year-round. 

Reusable table linens or serving dishes are great to invest in and use each year...if you really love them!

I'll never encourage you to buy more things for your house JUST to buy them. Think quality over quantity. Do you love it? Do you have room to store it? If so, great! 

Here are some ideas! 
$3/pack paper plates circle with hearts

$3/pack paper plates heart-shaped 

$3/set heart-shaped cookie cutters 

$10 table runner 

$4 baking cups

Stoneware serving dishes white with red hearts 


Stoneware serving dishes watercolor hearts


Clean Food Crush

Faithful Plateful

The Proper Blog

Wilton’s (I can’t find a proper link, let me know if you find one and I’ll be happy to credit!) 


I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s go make those magical moments with our kids! For more ideas like this one, listen to Episode #1 Making Things Magical for Kids! 

I’d love to see your themed family breakfasts! Tag me or send me an email! 

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