#7: Using Your Phone to Streamline Your Life

Season #1

Phones get a bad rap sometimes, you know? But there are so many ways we can use our phones to streamline our lives and save us time. Time is our most valuable resource! Courtney shares all her tips and tricks to get the most out of your smartphone. Simplicity, organization, preparation, all the things we love! Join the conversation!

- Shared Calendar (This is one of our marriage tips, too!)

- Addresses

- Birthdays

- Event Details

- Notes for eVeRyThiNg

- Shared Notes

- Grocery List (Optimize Target Discounts)

- Grocery Shopping (Instacart, Click Here! Use code: CLUNDEEN1F21BE for $20 off your first purchase.)

- Library App (FREE audiobook and ebooks, cookbooks, magazines, and more!) Libby by Overdrive, Click Here!

- Reducing Notifications



Show Notes & Transcript 


Mom Hack: One trick to make bedtime easier if you have a later night out with your kids!


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