$47.00 USD

Elevate Organization Coaching

Cross that last project off your to-do list! We'll help!

What you'll get:

  • Personal attention from Courtney to help you with organization for area of your home. 
  • A second set of eyes to help you solve any current sticking-points or unusual areas of your home. 
  • Encouragement and accountability to finally get that project finished!

How it works:

  • Send us up to 2 videos of ONE space in your home. Show us your goals for the space, and any problems you're currently encountering. 
  • Receive a video or audio response from us for EACH of your 2 videos. Our responses will include personal recommendations from Courtney for YOUR space. We will help you optimize the space for organization and efficiency, and include product recommendations if necessary. We will also provide guidance for maintenance of the organization systems created. 

Coaching is intended to be completed within 2 weeks of purchase date so please only purchase when you have time to dedicate to this project. We only accept a limited amount of clients at a time to ensure you will receive personal attention! Thanks for understanding!

Coaching is ONLY available for clients who have purchased the Elevate Motherhood Home Organization Master Class. This is to ensure you're familiar with Elevate Motherhood organization strategies, which will save you time and money!