Valentine's Ideas for Toddlers 2023

Jan 31, 2023

Valentine's Day is coming up! I know a lot of you create little Valentine's Day gift baskets for your kids, I do too! I'm always trying to think of new ideas. Here's what's on our list this year! Hope it helps!

1. Peppa Pig Coloring Book

2. Spidey Coloring Book

(Don't forget crayons! If your kids are anything like mine, most are broken by now!)

3. Little Blue Truck Valentine's Book

4. Lovey Things Valentine's Book

5. Peppa Pig Valentine's Book

6. YumEarth Suckers (our favorite! dye free! Use your personal discretion with suckers and toddlers, I know they can be a hazaard.)

7. Toddler Trucker Hat

8. Toddler Straw Hat

9. Purple Heart Sunglasses (kid sized)

10. Toddler Boy Sunglasses (kid sized)

11. Rainbow Heart Sunglasses (kid sized)

12. Puffy Stickers

13. Grey Heart Pajamas

14. Pink Heart Pajamas (Little Sleepies is our fave! They always sell out quickly BTW!)


*some of these are affiliate links


We love to have themed breakfasts for the "small holidays" like Valentine's Day. We do some disposable heart paper plates, heart shaped pancakes, red foods like strawberries, protein smoothies made with lots of berries so it's red/pink/purple colored, stuff like that! It's easy, quick, and fun! 

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions at your house? I'd love to hear them!

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