Back to School Traditions for Kids

Jul 21, 2023

We all want our kids to grow up and remember fun times and special traditions. Back to school is a fun time for that! With a little extra effort, we can make this time even more special and memorable. 

I asked on my instagram (find me @ElevateMotherhood if you haven't yet!) for you guys to share your favorite back to school ideas and you had some great ones! 

Here's some ideas I love! Of course you don't have to do ALL of these, and you probably shouldn't wear yourself out doing ALL of these, but maybe there are a couple you and your family can enjoy! 


1. Pray over the school year AT the school. Head to the school as a family the night before and pray over the school year outside the school building. 

2. Special treat after school on the first day. Cookies that spell out the grade they're in, a cake they can decorate themselves, a snow cone, eating ice cream INSIDE the ice cream store instead of driving-through, anything to make it feel like a special day!  

3. Picking out a special first day of school outfit. Even if you aren't shopping for brand new clothes, make this time special and look in their closet for their favorite outfit, pick out the clothes, bow, socks, shoes. Lay it out, make sure it's clean, announce that it's special, etc. 

4. Picking out new school supplies. Backpacks, lunchboxes, school supplies lists. You can do this stuff by yourself quietly and not announce it OR you can do the exact same thing while letting your kid feel like it's special! If you don't want them to have free rein, narrow down the lunchboxes to 3 options and let them choose. Or even if you aren't getting anything new- get it out, clean it, set it out, make it feel special! 

5. Back to school bracelets. These "mama and me" bracelets are so cute. They make a big one for the mom to wear, and a small one for the child to wear, so you each can feel connected throughout the day apart. 

6. "School Year's Eve" the night before the first day. Make a banner and hang it up. Blow up a few balloons and tape them to the wall. Maybe the whole family gets into pajamas and eats dinner as a picnic on a blanket in the living room, or popcorn on the couch after dinner, or special family prayers before bed. Maybe before dinner you drive to the school to pray over the school year outside the school building. Anything goes, just make the evening feel special and it will be special! 

7. First day of school photos. Maybe every year you take a photo by your front door, or by the school sign.

8. First day of school signs. You can make a sign with their name, what grade they are in, etc. (I have been cautioned not to disclose too much personal information in social media posts). 

9. Interview before the school year. Maybe even do this the night before the first day- video tape your kid and ask them a few questions- their name, their school, what they are excited about, names of their friends, etc. You'll love their little voices on a video! 

10. School supplies scavenger hunt. If you pick out their school supplies for them, or if they are standard for the school, you could let your child "receive" them in a fun way like a scavenger hunt around the home and the last prize is the supplies. 


What else am I missing? I'd love to hear the favorite ideas your mom did for you, or the favorite things you do for your kids. 

Email me [email protected] 


-- Courtney 

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