Spook-Free Halloween for Kids

Sep 08, 2023
spook free halloween ideas

Hey friends! I posted on Instagram the other day about how I LOVE making ALL holidays as fun and magical as possible! I.love.it! 

However, I have a harder time with Halloween! I don't love witches, ghosts, celebrating fear/death/gore. But we DO love pumpkins, black/orange/purple, sparkles, fun costumes, parties with friends, making it the most fun!! 

Surprisingly, SO MANY of you private messaged me saying "me too!" I think a lot of us don't want to feel like we aren't as fun or are missing out because we are trying to avoid *some* parts of Halloween! But actually, there are a lot of us in this boat! And let me tell you, we can still make it SO FUN!!

So I thought I would create a round-up of all things Halloween that are excluding the spooky stuff! (I personally have decided jack-o-lanterns are fine as long as they aren't scary-looking.) 

You can still decorate your house, have a party, make festive food, wear festive shirts, AND avoid the gore/fear/spooky stuff. I hope and pray and plan to do it in a fun enough way that my kids don't feel like they are missing out at all!! I like to focus on what we LOVE without really giving attention to the things I'm trying to avoid. 

I found so many fun ideas! Hope this is helpful to you! Let me know! 


Happy Halloween Balloon Banner 

Lighted Halloween Tree Branches

Orange Buffalo Plaid Fleece Throw

7.5 Foot Outdoor Halloween Inflatable Pumpkins 

Pumpkin String Lights



This online store has the CUTEST things for every holiday! Paper plates, napkins, decorations - I love these Halloween options! This is just a fraction of the cute things they have! Click here to see their whole collection!




We went to Michaels the other day and I saw cute Halloween garland. Here are some that I loved! Click here to see their whole collection. 





Boo Bark from Pumpkin N Spice

Halloween Pretzels from Money Wise Moms

Everything Bagel Cheese Ball by Inspired by Charm

Halloween Whoopie Pies by Delicious Little Bites


Jack o Lantern Pizza Pockets by Dinner at the Zoo


**T Shirts from Etsy**





These are a must-have for trick-or-treating! The kids think they are so fun AND they help you keep an eye on your kids. They also make it easier for any cars passing by to see kids as it's getting dark. Don't forget to grab a pack now so you're prepared! 

What am I missing?

I'd love to see your ideas! If you have any T-shirts, home decor, tabletop decor, etc. send them my way! [email protected]


Thanks for being here, friends!


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