Half Birthdays for Kids

Mar 02, 2023
half birthday celebration ideas kids

I'll take any excuse to make a regular day more exciting and memorable for my kids. Half birthdays can feel like a big deal for kids! And I love when we can do a few easy things to add to the traditions and memories of their childhood. 

Both of my kids have summer birthdays, so their school celebrates their half-birthday with their class, and I love it! If you ask my son how old he is, he will not say "four," he will say, "four and a half!!" 

I rounded-up some ideas for half-birthday celebrations and wanted to share them with you guys!

I have mentioned these plates before! I just love them and think they are such an easy way to make any day more special. The birthday kid gets to eat off the "you are special today plate!" You can also use this plate for any special reason throughout the year. 

1. Colorful You Are Special Today Plate

2. Red You Are Special Today Plate

I got this ideas off pinterest. Here's the link. It's so easy!

I also found this idea on pinterest! I did it for a half-birthday at our house and it was actually pretty easy too! 

These banners are available in lots of colors. You could buy once and use them year after year for each kid! 

1. Pink Banner from Etsy

2. Gold Banner from Amazon

How cute is this "half candle"? We have already used it twice and it seems like we could get several more uses out of it!

If you're trying to avoid artificial dyes, you can still make a fun birthday cake! Here are the ingredients we use at my house! 

1. Annies Organic Birthday Cake Mix

2. Miss Jones Icing

3. Supernatural food dye

4. Supernatural Sprinkles

My favorite part of any special day- taking a moment to speak out what each person loves about the special birthday kid! You can also include a family prayer for that person! 


 What other ideas do you guys have for half-birthdays? I'd love to hear it!


Keep making those special moments and memories for your kids!



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