5 Year Old Boy Gift Guide for Christmas 2023

Nov 16, 2023

Hey friends!


These are things my 5 year old son either has and LOVES or are on our list for him this year! Hope it helps!


Lava Lamp! This makes my son's room feel like a "cool" big boy room!

Guess Who? Board Game. We played this at a restaurant recently and my son absolutely loved it! It seemed perfect for his age to understand and play with the family!


I have noticed a lot of books lately either seem like baby-ish board books, or are for "early readers" so they have very few words on the page and aren't super entertaining for kids who can't actually read yet. These 5 minute stories seem like the perfect solutiojn for my son! Captivating enough for his age but still lots of pictures. We have the Racing Stories (Cars) book and the other Avengers and Spiderman books are on our list this year!

I think my son is going to absolutely love this watch! 

My son got this for his birthday and it was one of his favorite gifts and is his favorite RC car. It's fast as a Lamborghini should be, but easy for him to operate! It's a hit!

I think my son is going to love this science kit! It has great reviews on Amazon. 

My son loves his piggy bank! This one seems a lot bigger and more practical than the cute one we have shaped like his initial! 

How fun is this instant-print camera? I think my son would love it!


My son and a lot of his friends are getting into basketball! This is a pretty good price for a big goal!

Over-the-door basketball hoops are so fun! We love ours. 


My son is absolutely obsessed with Legos! These are some of his personal favorites and he has chosen these as gifts for a few friends this year too. 

My friend with a 5 year old son suggested a magic trick kit and I think my son will absolutely LOVE this! 

Dino excavating kit. I think my son would love this! My sister said her son (age 4) loved it! 


Other suggestions: 

Toy cars (my son is really into monster trucks and hot-rod race cars like Lamborghini, Corvette, etc.)

Sports equipment (soccer goal for backyard if he loves soccer, etc.)

A real "big boy" bike

Stocking stuffers: 

Hotwheels cars, Pokemon cards, Flashlights, Glow Sticks, Silly String (my siblings and I always had a silly string fight on Christmas morning and it is a fun memory!), 

Any type of "surprise" balls like this CLICK HERE. 

Spidey Figurines CLICK HERE (I'd open up the package before putting into stocking!)

Rubiks Cube (2x2 size) CLICK HERE!

Color Change Markers CLICK HERE



I hope this is helpful and that you have a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones!!

Thanks for being here, friends!


-- Courtney @ Elevate Motherhood



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